Campaign for Wool event Bryant Park/new business ventures

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September was a busy month for Arielle and I. We were asked to design and build a few key elements for the Campaign for Wool event on September 27th in Bryant Park. There were many components to this event. We were responsible for creating a fence to house 30 sheep for the day, transforming the fountain into a wooly sculpture, and wrapping 13 trees in brightly colored wool. 

From budget approval to final product we had just under three weeks to get complete and install our work. We were able to move into a new studio just in time to get started. Spark Workshop Brooklyn is now home to our new joint ventures and individual businesses.  

The fence was collaboratively conceived. We were asked to design the fence using clear plexiglass panels. The concept was to put the sheep on display as opposed to a farm or petting zoo. 
We had the added challenge of building the fence so that it would be easily constructed on site within a limited timeframe. We also wanted the fence to break down and pack up for use on other sites. 
A final challenge was that due to park regulations, we were unable to put anything into the ground. 
We came up with a modular design that used dados, grooves, posts, and concrete blocks to create a secure and stable structure. 
We hired local woodworker, Iris Lasson, to fabricate the wood posts and railings
We cast over forty concrete bases in reusable molds 
The post cap became a key structural element 
We were able to take more creative control with the fountain. Our concept was to highlight the beautiful fountain by making wool fiber seem like water. 
We built wooden structures out of plywood and then wrapped them in wool fabric so that we were easily able to attach wool fiber. 
Here are images of the fountain installation:
The event was one day only. We came in the evening to take everything down and pack up what needed to be shipped for future events. 
Check out this link (one of many) to read about the event: