C’est fini!

By June 11, 2012 Uncategorized

Comings and Goings is complete!

My trusty assistant Anthony and I arrived in Evansville, IN late Friday June 1st to install for Sculpt EVV. After two and a half days of hard work which included digging four holes in gravel, mixing and pouring concrete, lifting a big structure in place, and climbing to the top of the piece to screw in brackets, the last coat of paint went on and we were finished.

We were fortunate to meet the most amazingly generous, helpful, and kind people. Many thanks to the city of Evansville and to everyone that helped make this possible.

lincoln logs!

three coats of polyurethane
all packed up

concrete posts in the ground at the site

the frame is assembled and bolted in place

time for the signs to go on!

and with the wonderful Rachel, a student at the University of Southern Indiana, who spent many hours lending an extra pair of hands, and taking photos of all the sculptures during installation

et voila! all painted and tools put away!