High Tide/Low Tide

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No news is good news right…?

I had a couple of projects in the works at the end of 2011 and one of them, High Tide/Low Tide, is happily installed at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI and the other is soon to be up at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee in a group show called The Decorative Impulse.

The UICA has a great new space that is really supportive of emerging artists. It is also apparently super green and eco friendly. 
Andrea helped me install and we had a great time working side by side in the scissor lift for all 95 feet of wall space. It was a little tricky on the ramp but we did it. The trick is turtle speed.
The piece is composed of multiple parts that are all attached to the wall with magnets. Though a little tedious, it was one of the smoothest installs ever.  
You can read about the piece on the UICA website: 
Here are a couple of images. Really not great but the plan is to get some better ones before the piece comes down. 

I also recently participated in an ongoing project, Ossuary, by artist and professor Laurie Beth Clark.
This project is based on the idea of an ossuary, a repository of bones, and asks artists to create “a single bone, a cluster of bones, or an art work that is inspired by, uses, or plays with the idea of  bones.
More information about the project as well as an ongoing catalog of works can be seen at:

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