Rosewater Opening Reception

By December 18, 2015 June 23rd, 2019 Uncategorized

There was a wonderful turnout for the opening reception of the Winter Exhibition series at the Indianapolis Art Center. Many thanks to all those who came from near and far to support the Art Center and the artists who exhibited.

And an extra big thanks to the folks who played a part in making Rosewater a reality. Nearly all of the work in this exhibition was fabricated in Chiang Rai, Thailand—a feat that would not have been possible without the support and assistance of good friends and family, enthusiastic local Thai businesses, and the wonderfully accommodating and competent Thai Postal Service. I am very grateful to the generosity of all those who helped along this many-stepped way from Northern Thailand to the Indianapolis Art Center. A giant, bear-hugged thank you to Yuliya, Poli and Ilo Naumkina, Harry Kevitz, Tinnakorn Nukul, Sapa Jewelers, Taweeksak Molowat, Sompong Makawan and Pakarat Manoruang at The Room Chiang Rai, Kahm and Daeng Chantha, Barbara Kempler, Ron Toelke, Arielle Toelke, Janet Irwin, Lew Jones, Andrea Miller, Micah Eisenmann, Caiola Construction, Roberta Lovenheim, the Indianapolis Art Center and, of course, to Anthony Irwin, who continues to traverse both sides of the world—and all the air space in between—with me.

Below are photos from the opening. Individual images of the newest work in the show will be added to my website soon.

 Gallery view of Rosewater
Transom (mirrored acrylic)
Doorway (repurposed old doors), Dragonfruit (mirrored acrylic), and a wee bit of Bauble (steel, auto paint)
Exclaim (acrylic and glitter) on the right, and most of Compass (gold plated brass), on the left
Big Secret (acrylic) and Split Hairs (acrylic)
Bauble (steel, auto paint), Dragonfruit (mirrored acrylic), and Adorned (steel, auto paint)
Bangle (steel, auto paint) and Bauble (steel, auto paint)
Sparkle (stainless steel, acrylic) and Big Secret