springtime stirrings

By March 19, 2012 Uncategorized

I have been a bit of a studio neglector lately. I’m hoping that if I finally clean my mess that has been lingering since the fall I will have no excuse.

I have been working on proposals and things of that nature which is a nice and necessary change for me after working on large projects.

One outcome of all this applying is that I will be doing a collaborative project with my most wonderful and talented sister Arielle. The sculpture will be installed this summer in Portland, Maine for a show called Where are You Going, Where Have You Been.
I am gathering supplies this week to start my part of the piece so there will be photos to come!
Arielle will also be showing updates on the project at: http://thefxspace.blogspot.com/

I also built this little maquette for a proposal. I really, really want to make it but we will see if it happens this spring or if it will be shelved for the future.
It would be large like a billboard or highway sign.

… and here are two photos that show my piece (which I forgot to photograph before sending it off) that is included in Laurie Beth Clark’s Ossuary. The installation includes the work of over a hundred artists and is currently on view at the Chazen Art Museum in Madison until the end of the month.  
So much interesting work and many different responses to the project…
My piece is the two bird hands.
Photos by Jim Escalente