studio: 99.9% complete

By October 6, 2011 Uncategorized
the studio has been in working order for a little while now. it was a real dusty mess but andrea and i transformed it into quite the cozy little nest. just imagine the condition of the basement of a house from the the late 19th century that had been divided up into three apartments some 25 to 50 years ago and rented to tenants that have all probably been in their mid to late 20s. a big crumbly spider webby pit. 
but, a lot of vacuuming and a little paint, et voila… not so bad. 
it gets surprisingly good light during the day and stays really warm. we still have to finish installing the duct work for the torch and setting up some of the other tools but all in all i think we done real good.

drying out the paint

the pit that leads to the giant lake under the house


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